Parable is a versatile serifed face for serious typography. It is optimized for print in small text sizes (between 6 and 10 point). Yet, some of its features prove to be interesting characteristics at larger sizes also: such as the ‘dug-out’ shoulder junctions of h, n, m etc, and the thin midriff of lowercase g (designed to avoid filling in at small sizes).


Parable has low stroke contrast, making it robust and adaptable to many circumstances, and it has a proportionally large x-height for optimum legibility in text. The italic provides a strong, cursive contrast to the roman, and attention has been paid to giving it a distinct identity, with quite different forms for certain characters of punctuation (see margin). With small capitals, and bold & extra bold weights, Parable is equipped for all kinds of complex typography.


Parable Sans is in development.

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